About us

GDM is a young dynamic company wich focuses on finishing precision parts for the industry. CNC milling, CNC turning and grinding are done entirely in-house.


Fate brought Kurt Geldhof, Kurt Demarck and the head of N.V. Maeyaert together. The result of this meeting was the establishment of GDM in 1999.

The start wasn’t as easy as expected, but the men, all with over 20 years of experience in machining, believed in the concept. With some high level efforts the business started to increase and grow. This together with investments in innovative machinery and employees, made GDM successful!

Nowadays many clients find their way to the young and promising company. GDM serves a large variety of industries like the petrol-industry and the pharmacy. Besides that GDM is also a reliable supplier to local construction enterprises.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a priority where we work on with utmost care. As a manufacturer of high quality parts we focus on investing in new machinery and the education of our employees. We wish to build long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers. Therefore we have a Quality Management System certified to the international ISO9001 standard.

Procedures, (1st party) audits, management reports, reviews to stay compliant to ISO9001, legal requirements and clients demands are all part of this system and stimulate continuous improvement.